I regularly make VLOGs. These are short films about days or short periods of my life. I film and edit these entirely on my own, and find it is an extraordinary and surprisingly therapeutic process. I was originally inspired to make these by, the unstoppable, Casey Neistat.


You can watch these on my YouTube channel






I direct and produce a The Ayala Show, with the presenter, and my sister, Ayala, and my brother-in-law Juan.

It is a live music television programme, featuring new and extraordinary guests every week, who play their music, and get interviewed by Ayala across a host of different locations, including our recording studio in London, other studios, and many documentary style trips to other locations across the planet.


The Ayala Show broadcasts on Irish TV (Sky 191) weekly at 10pm on Fridays, with repeats throughout the week.


Alternatively, you can watch it live online


You can also indulge in the wealth of music, and insight we have captured on the show at TheAyalaShow.com


Or on our YouTube channel


The ayala show





Music Videos

I have been lucky enough to make a number of Short Films, and music videos thus far.


Perhaps a good place to start is my Showreel.


If you would like to see more of my work go to my