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Bear in mind, that the vast majority of what I have made as a film mkaer is The Ayala Show. 2 seasons, 28 episodes of television,  mostly 30 minutes each, but with a handful of 1 hour long episodes, and hundreds of extra videos on youtube.

I haven't included them here in my filmography, but you can see it all by clicking below.


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Producer Director



Finnian Moore Showreel 2014 from Finnian Moore on Vimeo.

john kearns school of log building



A fundraising film I made for my good friend Jack Kearns. Jack is setting up a truly wonderful log building school, and it was a total pleasure to go to Wales to Llandrindod Wells to shoot this.

To find out more go to


fire in the mountain festival 2015



This is the official film for the 2015 Fire in the Mountain Festival.

suspect interrogation


Director of Photography

Suspect Interrogation from Finnian Moore on Vimeo.

purdy  // dream in colour

2015       Director

A one shot music video I made on The Southbank in London.

I'm always fascinated with one shot, or very long shot, films. This was my first attempt, and it articulates the feeling of a wonderful and romantic moment, out on a stroll by the river at night.

purdy  // bye bye love

2015       Actor

Ayala  //  this year

2015       Director

A music video for Ayala, filmed in the west of Ireland over only a week.

Lot's of filming with the sunrise and sun set, this is 100% natural light. Yes. Even that fireside scene- for that we used a mirror to reflect the sunset into Ayala's face.

Check out Ayala


Voices  //  Last Train Victoria Line

2015     Co-Directed with Samuel J Loynes

A music video for experimental metal band Voices, who describe themselves as "A whirlwind of psychedelic melancholia and psychotic blast".

The film was made with band member Samuel J Loynes, and it stars the stunning Sinead La Bella, of The Courtesans.

Check out Voices



2014     Director

A documentary project, looking into the world of line fishing in South Africa.

There is a great deal of reprehensible corruption affecting many coastal communities across South Africa. I tried my hand at investigative journalism, and heard rumours that the Fisheries Department were granting the limited number of line fishing licences to friends of the officials, who were in turn (illegally) re-selling them to skippers.

I haven't finished this project yet, and it needs much more work, research, and funding.

I hope to complete this in the next few years.

I shot this entirely on my own in South Africa, over the course of 1 month.

I met up with this crew at 2am, and blasted 12 miles off the coast of the southern tip of Africa.

The shots below are from sunrise.

Fislife Trailer from Finnian Moore on Vimeo.

bassment project  //  young man

2014     Made with Philip Davy McKee

This is a music video for Bassment Project, and it is dear to me in particularly as the man we follow throughout the film is my grandfather.

This was my second collaboration with Philip McKee.


We shot this over a week,  between Cambridge, Grantchester, and various locations in London.



2013     Made with Philip Davy McKee

This is one of my favourite pieces I have made to date.

Philip McKee is and extraordinarily talented director of theatre and film from Toronto, and is also my cousin.


We made this over 10 days in the west of Irleand, and it is a kind of homage to Fitzcarraldo, by Werner Herzog.

The music is by Juan Luis Ayala, and Benedict Cork.


Stranger from PHILIP DAVY MCKEE on Vimeo.